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Youth Ministry

An open platform for interactive discussion on applicable topics for the modern young Christian. Over dinner, dessert, and coffee, come find out what we're all about!      

Women's Ministry

Enjoy fellowship with other women in Christ as we pray with each other and dive into scripture, focusing on various topics such as: Women of the Bible, Books of the Bible, and more!

Outreach Program

Help spread the Gospel with us and reach out to those in need, as we follow the example Jesus Christ has laid out for us. Help us serve others and be the hands and feet of the Lord on this earth.  

Prayer Group
Sunday School

From Adam and Eve to Paul's missionary journeys, kids of any age learn all about the Bible and how to apply it in their lives. With various lessons for different classes, we hope to equip our kids with the knowledge they need to live Godly lives.

Kid's Ministry

A fun and interactive session where kids release their energy through songs, games, and bible lessons. These monthly meetings are typically conducted Saturday evenings. Contact us to find out when we meet next!

Senior Home Outreach

Witness the joyful faces of seniors in our community as we sing and look into the Word of God together. Enjoy the fellowship every third Sunday of the month! 

Mission Trips

God has opened opportunities for us to join others abroad in doing the Lord's work. Several of our members had the opportunity to share the gospel and witness for the Lord in parts of Mexico, Malawi, and India. Lord willing, we hope to continue to be a part of the ministries occurring in these countries.     

Prayer Meeting

Cast your burdens unto the Lord, and spend time praying for others and their needs every Thursday, as we choose to spend our time in supplication.      

Bible Study

Come study the Word of God with us as we seek to understand the deep truths of the scripture. We strive to develop a strong foundation rooted in His Word, equipping us with the knowledge we need to live out our lives, and tackle the daily problems that occur.

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